Tough Mudder North West 2017 – Bad Jesus – TEAM EVO FIT


If You enjoy a challenge, with friends, with mud and with a great atmosphere then Tough Mudder is deffo where its at. One Of The Worlds Leaders in Team Obstacle Course Races, Tough Mudder never fail to disappoint the crowds that turn up to take on their own challenges.
I have know people from all walks of life, in all shapes and sizes and all ages from 6 to 60 take on Tough Mudder, and the one thing it has show me is the willingness to take on a challenge.

Now i have been active in the fitness community since 2000 and active in Tough Mudder since it graced our shores in the UK in 2013. I have seen its development, its changes, its subtle tweeks and its bombshell additions, i have seen how it has helped shaped the Obstacle Race format from an extreme fitness event into a social experience for everyone not just the super fit…i say anyone, its the ones who believe in themselves enough to take up a challenge bigger than themselves.

This weekend at Tough Mudder in the Cholmondeley Castle Estate Cheshire, is thee muddiest and weather driven course i have run on to date. It was such a serious challenge due to the effect of the weather that Tough Mudder HQ closed one of the main obstacles due to H&S issues, but apart from Everests absence on my two days of fun on the course, the relentless miles of energy zapping slick mud, spouts of sideways rain, gentle fluctuating cooling breeze and masses of Zombified Virgin Mudders, it was an awesome weekend that gave everyone an idea that they are better than they thought.

Its not the most challenging Tough Mudder i have taken part in, but it was a reminder that Mud alone can be such a killer on the body and psyche, that even the most positive person can question themselves and their reasons for getting involved.
The die hard Obstacle Racers and Tough Mudder Legionnaires like Myself and My Team (TEAM EVO FIT) drove through it, as for them it was just another weekend, in a series of self improvement and self challenges, seeing how much our training has honed our obstacle techniques, our fitness, our positive drive and of course our private personal goals.

For me this weekend, my goal was to add to my headband count (#18 & #19), i was testing out the injuries and niggles that i have acquired over this event season, testing my event nutrition theories and tweeking them in an attempt to improve my event performance…and my secret goal this weekend was to get my team mate Iram onto her milestone of the coveted black and orange headband #10.

All in all this weekend went well, few cramps and inflammation of ankle tendonitis (which could have resulted in alot worse injuries so i count my self very lucky), a few team mates obstacle fails, which i can get them to train through the psychological blocks and strengthen them up for next season, I introduced some obstacle race virgins to the survival of the toughest challenge of their lives as they survived the muddiest Tough Mudder of the season and bloody well enjoyed it enough to text me daily asking when they can book their next. And of course The delight watching my Team smash another course, level up and gain new headband colours.

One of the biggest highlights was Gil Kolirin getting a selfie on Ryans phone at the start line…Gil is the man!!

I am so proud of them all, and how they develop between events and training. These guys just fill me with pride that i have around me such an awesome bunch of Team Mates and Friends that i can call my MudFamily, i know it sounds soft but we share a bond that you cant explain, until you have experienced going back in a container of ice cubes to pull someone through Arctic Enema before they go into hypothermic shock, you may not know what you are made of until you are put into a situation where you would rather freeze helping them, than letting them freeze alone…This is who i have surrounding me…and its F##king Awesome!!!!!

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Im An Awesome Self Motivated Rehabilitation Personal Trainer, PT Business Owner, Obstacle Bootcamp Owner, Tough Mudder Legionnaire and Addicted Obstacle Racer...As Well As An Awesome Husband and Father To Be! Tough Mudder is my favourite Obstacle Race, due to the Team Work involved. Teams are what make it all worth while in my opinion and i love my TeamEvoFit

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